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 Sacred Paths ~ An Herbal and Adventure Company



We are a small owner/operated family business built around Integrity, Education + Empowerment. We ignite personal + spiritual growth through sustainable practices, which herbalism + earth-medicines are the Heart of our Connection. Our core principles are rooted in Natural Medicines, navigating + sharing the infinite amount of Sacred Paths to explore in this vast arena. 

Sacred Paths is committed to educating people about their health thru healthy choices + the simple process of using herbs. We believe the body has all the resources it needs to stay healthy + whole, yet Times of dis-ease is a natural progression of this LIfe Journey. Knowing the Earth also has all the resources we need to Be healthy + whole, we empower others to see the sacred earth as we do: a bountiful plethora of natural medicine. Herbalism is simple + affective + once was a part of our daily ritual.
We call it weed-wyfery: the knowledge of the free weeds around you + how to use them as medicine.

We empower you to take your health + knowledge of your bodies abilities back! Connect to Mother Earth, come back to your roots. 

All of our Herbal Products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced locally first. We also specialize in wild-crafting + create a stewardship with the areas from where we harvest; only sustainable practices are followed.
We take wild-crafting seriously + passionately. 
We offer many variety of classes + adventures to learn to identify, ethically harvest, organically cultivate + produce your own apothecary (nature's medicinal pharmacy) + connect with the Plants themselves: Plant Spirit Medicine. Look on for more information on all the magi available...

As the cycles indeed change, so do the course of our lives.
These are our Sacred Paths.
We honor these Paths that are sacred + unique to you.
We believe we are not separate from our Earth. 
We believe in the power of Sovereignty + learning to take your health into your hands is a power of freedom we are inspired to share.

Our HerbWyfe, Shakti Rose, has been herb-crafting for over 30 years. 
Starting as a single mother, learning the art of medicinal teas, balms
 + oils, inspired by Native American ethnobotony + Cultural Anthropology, she began studying Naturopathy thru Clayton College University, and a long vast exploration with many herbal teachers, shamans, healers + medicine keepers.
Later, raising 4 children on an organic farm, which included a medicine wheel garden, flowers + vegetables, she began bringing the art of Tea to farmers markets + CSA subscriptions, leading Medicine Circles + exploring how to empower others: People over Profit.
Learning the art of growing from seed, cultivating, brought her knowledge + appreciation of the Human Spirit's connection to Mother Earth + all Her Relations to a new level. She became inspired to open a local Apothecary + Tea Bar. 7 years later she birthed the dream alive + Crafted a line of herbal tonics + elixirs, signiture tea blends + a witches den full of magick + wonder.  
As the Seasons have brought  new Light + Shadows through more life changes, she now offers her product-line through various vendors + here...this magical web of delight.

Shakti wild-crafts the majority of the herbs for the elixir + tonic line we offer 
We have to out-source many of our ingredients for our Tea Blends, + whenever possible, source + support local farmers + herbal vendors.
We thoroughly research our herb suppliers, creating a relationship with our suppliers, ensuring only the finest ingredients are purchased, fair wages applied + sustainable farming practices are being held to the highest standard.

All of our products are hand made in small batches for quality assurance.
Each product is dated with a batch number for identification + trace-ability.
We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
We recycle and/or reuse all plastic, glass, cardboard + paper materials we consume.

Through Organic Herbal Products, Apprenticeships, Plant Spirit Medicine, Yoga Classes + Retreats, Medicine Circles + Wild-Crafting Adventures...
(And coming soon again, Blue Bird Bus Adventures)
We bring wisdom, passion, inspiration + excitement to to the table, because
You are what you Eat: mentally, emotionally, spiritually + physically.
Live the diet: "Live Right, Love Right."

And always, in all ways, we believe life should be lived as an, get on the Bus of Your Life and Enjoy the Journey!!

Organic Teas & Tisanes:
Packaged in 2-4 ounce Batches in Recycled Paper
Additional Packages available: 4 oz, 8 oz, 1 lb
    *Available Wholesale

Tictures & Compounds:
Packaged in 1oz and 2oz Brown Glass Bottles.
Eye Dropper Included.
   *Available Wholesale

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   Stephanie Shakti Rose







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