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 Sacred Paths ~ An Herbal and Adventure Company


We are a small owner/operator family business built around Integrity, Education and Empowerment, igniting personal and spiritual growth through adventure, healthy life-style choices and sustainable practices. 

Sacred Paths is committed to educating people about their health, healthy choices and the simple process of using herbs, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and more. We have many natural modalities in our Medicine Bundles.

One of our Specialties are Gaia's Nature Medicines. We believe Gaia (Earth) has all the resources we need to bring One's Self back to Wholeness. Whether it's herbal medicine from our apothecary or simple taking the time to be in Nature herself, placing yourself on the Earth and learning how to be still, listening to your True Self.
Herbal Medicines are an effective way of healing and treating dis-ease. And Yes, Herbs are for everyone: they are safe, effective and they naturally work with your body to heal & stay healthy on your Sacred Paths. Yet. many herbs we need to be aware of and their contraindication. So working with an herbalist is vital to your process and regime. That's where we come in.

All of our Herbal Products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced locally first. We also specialize in wild-crafting and create a stewardship with the areas from where we harvest; only sustainable practices are followed.

We also have a small organic herb farm and preserve, growing many of the herbal ingredients we use in our compounds and single tinctures. We have  educational programs, empowerment programs, herbal classes and adventure including teaching others how to build your own apothecary and wild craft. We teach cultivating & harvesting methods, how to replenish the native plants, and offer a many variety hands on skills, including herbal medicine making.

We have to outsource many of our ingredients as well. We thoroughly research our herb suppliers, creating a relationship with our suppliers, ensuring only the finest ingredients are purchased, fair wages applied, and sustainable farming practices are being held to the highest standard.

All of our products are hand made in small batches for quality assurance.
Each product is dated with a batch number for identification and trace-ability.
We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and we recycle and/or reuse all plastic, glass, cardboard and paper materials we consume.

Through Organic Herbal Products, Apprenticeships, Wholeness Vibration Programs, Yoga Classes and Retreats and Blue Bird Bus Adventures we bring passion and excitement to to the table...Not going on a diet, living the diet: "Live Right, Love Right."

And always, we believe, life should be lived as an, get on the Bus of Your Life and enjoy the journey!!

Organic Teas & Tisanes:
Packaged in 2-4 ounce Batches in Recycled Paper
Additional Packages available: 4 oz, 8 oz, 1 lb
    *Available Wholesale

Tictures & Compounds:
Packaged in 1oz and 2oz Brown Glass Bottles.
Eye Dropper Included.
   *Available Wholesale

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Sacred Paths LLC.
Placerville Ca 95667

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   Owner, Herbalist, Designer
   Stephanie Shakti Rose







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Allen Denault