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Moon Circles

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SiStars of the Sacred
~ Rise Up & Embody Your Shakti ~

You are The SiStars of the Sacred.
Mothers of the Moon.
Creatresses of the Circling Web.
The Web that Supports + Empowers + Inspires.
A Circle that bring us back to our wild and authentic nature.
That nature which ignites our Fire.
Our magik.
Our trust.

We are an organic movement of Sistars gathering together to support, respect, honor and protect the sacred creativity, cooperation and compassion that women need to feel safe to express their authenticity. Through our intimate gatherings, we create a space to embrace our Divine Light and heal our ancestral wounds and the wounds we continue to inflict on our selves and each other. Now is the Time for women to collaborate together, to inspire equality & respect for one another, and give permission to embrace our unique sacred authenticity, sexual expression, and the wild woman within. 

Our Theme of 2023:
Stay Wild and Witchy

Our Next Circle:
New Moon ~ Spring Equinox Celebration
Sunday, March 19
Sacred Paths Apothecary
419 Spring Street, Suite A
Nevada City, Ca. 95959
3:33pm- 5:55pm

What to Bring:
~ Finger foods to nourish one another
~ Your altar items to build the Group Altar
~ Journal & Pen/Pencil
~ A pillow or blanket & your water bottle

 Shakti Rose has been facilitating Moon Circles
 for over 20   years. Bringing her passion to inspire & empower others   through story telling, the goddess   architypes, and creating sacred space   for ceremony, ritual & magick. Shakti 
infuses the elementals, the
 rhythms of nature, and the Divine interplay between
 Us & The Great Mystery.


I am currently working on a new schedule for 2023!!
I've been creating overnight Full Moon Retreats to hold during the
solstice and equinoxes, at various retreat spaces.
But Together is how we create the
Sacred Space for our Sisterhood
To explore the true expressions of our Self.
Together the magik is created for our healing.
Together we mirror the infinite expansive growth.
And together we believe...
We believe in one another to receive the joyful abundance of our desires. 
Together we become the change in which we seek.