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We are a small owner/operator family business built around Integrity, Education and Empowerment, igniting personal and spiritual growth through adventure, healthy life-style choices and sustainable practices.

Check out our supreme Handmade Herbal Products including organic teas, tinctures, elixirs, compounds, salves, balms, oils and more. We have a deep respect for Mother Earth and Our Relationship with her, as we are all connected. We are connecting the relationship and responsibility we have to Mother Earth and the affects and impact of every footprint and every product, to each customer we serve.

The way of Herbs is an ancient Sacred Path that is the cornerstone of Medicine today. WE believe in these tried, tested and effective Earth Allies and empowering the awareness of the ease and grace of herbs as a healthy everyday lifestyle choice with positive results.
We are naturally getting back to these roots and educating ourselves to use nature's tools, because much of Western Medicine practices are not proving as effective, harbor unwanted side-effects, and accruing consumers more money out of pocket and higher insurance costs.

We use only the highest quality organic ingredients. Working with local farmers and native growers first, creating positive direct relations, fair prices and promoting organic agriculture. We source from the best suppliers (see our supplier information) and believe in partnerships built on strong integrity, carbon footprint offsets, expertise on organic botanicals, environmental, social & community development programs, and of course, mutual respect.

Our Master Herbalists are passionate about wild-crafting, and ethically wild-craft many of the native herbs used in our tinctures, compounds and elixirs.  We are in the process of launching a new herbal product line with 100% organic alcohol base (menstrum) for our elixirs and tinctures.

All of our products are hand made in small batches for quality assurance.
Each product is dated with a batch number for identification and trace-ability.
We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and recycle and/or reuse all plastic, glass, cardboard and paper materials we consume.

We also have a small organic herb farm, educating others on cultivating methods, replenishing the native plants, and a many variety of herbal classes. Sacred Paths is committed to educating people about their health, healthy choices and the simple process of using herbs as an effective way of healing and treating disease. 

 We are committed to educating others and always, our selves. Which brings us to the Blue Bird...


We specialize in creating cooperative bus adventures and events. From invigorating hot spring tours, yoga retreats and herbal wild-crafting adventures, to live music events and holiday camping trips, our unique trips inspire cooperation and personal growth.
The Blue Bird is a unique travel piece, refurbished with all recycled or re-purposed materials. Sleeping 8 comfortably and more if you're group likes to get cozy. Depending on the adventure, most meals are provided with only the freshest organic ingredients with vegan and vegetarian options always available.

Check back often for tours and events, or call ahead to create your own family and friends Bus Adventure!

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