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Organic Herbal Tisanes (Loose Leaf Blends)


    All of our Herbal Tisanes and Teas are made of the finest organically grown or ethically wild crafted herbal ingredients. Our signature recipes are made in small batches to assure freshness and superior quality, from our hands and hearts to your cup.

   Our master herbalist, Shakti Rose, has created these unique one-of-a-kind blends over the last 10 years. With over 25 years of experience, and a powerful journey of self-study and mentoring with master herbalists of Aryuvedic, Native and Western herbalism, she takes great care to purchase from local suppliers and farmers first, focusing only on organically grown ingredients.
   She established one of the first organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) memberships to include fresh herbs, teas and herbal products, in the El Dorado County area, creating a large apothecary to teach herbal farming and product manufacturing to young apprentices in the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Hostessing "wwoofers for over 5 years on her organic farm, Shakti discovered an immense support in her herbal 'hobby', and decided to take this passion forward and open an apothecary to the public in 2012. Her recipes are now being desired nation wide, and are still being made in small batches by hand.

   At Sacred Paths we work to establish relationships with local farmers that take pride and the time to provide the best quality herbs, with the highest standard for organic and bio-dynamic growing methods. We are in the process of growing our herb preserve, on the California American River, with native species of herbs to harvest from. Other suppliers, such as Frontier Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, Mountain Herbs and others, that meet these high standards are then next in line to purchase from to create our signature tisanes and tea blends. 

     You can also custom order your herbal blends. If there is something unique you are interested in, and would prefer an on-line consultation regarding your special order please
Contact us for more information.