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Tonics & Elixirs

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sacred Paths fantastic herbal blends to support your health and wellness -
Custom Herbal Tonics made with organic and/or ethically wild crafted herbs.

   At Sacred Paths, we are committed to educating people about their health and the simple process of using herbs as an effective way of healing and treating dis-ease. Many of these basic herbs are found in your back yard or immediate community, and education is the key to understanding and becoming comfortable with using your native and non-native plants.
   The lost art of herbals is making a comeback now that many have experienced frustrating results from allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. Many are finding that we are out of right relationship with our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. We have lost connection of the fine balance between us, all of us, and our precious Mother Earth. We have relied on quick solution and educated guesses for all of our health needs and questions. And many are coming back to simple home remedies for basic ailments, and discovering herbs and organic foods to heal acute dis-eases. The belief that the Earth has all the resources we need to keep us healthy and sustainable in joy and ease.
    We work with small local farmers and herbalists, creating a relationship with our community on a larger scale, supporting the stewards of the Earth. Focusing on only buying and using organic herbs, we are also mindful of supporting our Mother Earth and all her relations, as well.  We are committed to connecting people with their planet, it's resources, what they are consuming, where these resources come from, down to the source of the farmer, community herbalist and the native soil it is discovered from.

Just as a seed has its full potential in its tiny form, your body has all the resources it needs, and the Earth has the resources your body, mind and spirit need for wholeness and healthiness. Believe and experience the benefits and teachings of Mother Earth's Medicine for your self and you begin to discover and understand our deep essential connection. All parts to make a common whole, sustaining one another.


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