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Arthritis Tonic

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This organic and ethically wild crafted tincture can be used as a daily tonic for pain & inflammation.
Ease your arthritis aches & pain, muscle & joint pain, tired & soar muscles, with this powerful combination of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs.

* Willow Bark
* Yucca Root
* Turmeric Root
* Devil's Claw Root
* Nettle Leaf

1:2 grain alcohol base
Crystal infused spring water.
Infused for 13 moons cycles.

*Organic and/or ethically wild-crafted herbs.

Suggested use: 
Shake well before using. Use 30-40 drops (1ml) in water or Juice 3-6x Daily or as needed.
(1 ml = 1 dropperful)

These products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition

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