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Goddess Circle

Goddess Circle

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Wombxn & SiStars ~ Rise Up!! Embody Your Shakti ~
Sisters of the Sacred holds monthly Goddess Moon Circles to Support + Empower + Inspire ~ Bringing ourselves to Wholeness with the support of Sisterhood. A Sacred Space that ignites our divine spark. Our magick. Our trust.
We are an organic movement of Wombxn gathering together to bring support, strength, creativity and love to ALL. Shifting the old cellular memory of abuse, neglect and oppression. We are ONE, embracing the Divine Light and healing our ancestral wounds. As we go within, we bring our Self back to Wholeness, and are able to bring that out in to the world, creating ripples of Healing to All Our Relations.

What to Bring:
~ Finger foods to nourish one another
~ Your altar items to be infused in our Intentional Group Altar
~ Journal & Pen/Pencil
~ Drum, Rattle or small instrument if desired for opening + closing ceremony
~ An Open Mind and An Open Heart

Shakti Rose has been facilitating Goddess Circles for over 20 years. Bringing her passion to inspire & empower womxn through story telling of the goddess architypes, creating sacred space for ceremony, ritual & magick, and infusing the elementals & the Divine interplay between Us & The Great Mystery.