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Spencer's Hot Springs, NV

Posted by Stephanie Sorensen on

Spencer's Hot Springs is a must if you are a hot spring enthusiast like ourselves. Although easy to get to just off HWY 50, "The Lonelieast Road in America", it is wonderfully remote and not a highly populated springs (except is starting to become so on weekends).

Wonderful high desert sage bush country with a fabulous view of the Sierra Nevada's, Spencer's Hot Springs guarentees exquisite sunsets, wonderful wild life like the wild burror's that are sure to come close in the evening, and birds of all likes. We met the friendliest people, full of life and interesting stories. I am looking forward to spending more time in this remote desert area. 

The springs have been well kept by visitors, although it seems the mining folk tend to leave their trash piles of cans and bottles. So, as always, please pack out what you pack in, and then some.Spencer's Hot Spring

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