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Bus Voyage to Diana's Punch Bowl, Central NV

Posted by Stephanie Sorensen on

Diana's Punchbowl, also called the Devil's Cauldron, is a geothermal feature located on a small fault in Nye County, Nevada. The spring is exposed through a cup-shaped depression about 49 feet (15 m) in diameter at the top of a domelike hill of travertine about 600 feet (183 m) in diameter. Warm water in the pool of the bowl is about 30 feet (9 m) below the rim, while the top of the hill is about 75 feet (23 m) above the level of Monitor Valley. The extreme water temperature of this feature has been observed from 140° to 180°F (60°-82°C). (wikipedia)

We recently traveled to Central Nevada for a hot springs adventure, one of our favorite things to do on the Blue Bird. Our first stop was to find Diana's Punch Bowl, which is written as a hot springs in many books, however the natural spring is too hot to actually soak in. It is a site to see and worth the visit. We found the site easy in the middle of Monitor Valley, an easy drive with the Blue Bird. A warm creek runs for miles around the travertine hill, flowing into the valley, where we witnessed a baby duckling swimming underwater enjoying the spring creek by itself. I attempted to put my feet in the creek, however when I did not reach the bottom knee deep in muck, I decided against the trial. The colors are magnificent as you will see in the pictures. NOTE* Keep close guard on your children and pets, as the bowl is a drop into the unfriendly hot pool that not render forgiveness if fallen into.

Another hot springs is available to soak in about a mile away, although this one is on private property, open to the public, but absolutely NO camping is allowed, and they mean it! It is a wonderful place to adventure and spend the day. Great hiking to explore the terrain and a great soak in the blue troph that is easily filled and refilled, keeping it a clean spring that is rarely found.

This is a high desert valley at over 6000 feet elevation, so be prepared for high heat in the summer days, and cooler at night. The wind picks up during the days yet seems to calm into the evening. A perfect view of stars, as we soaked until the early morning, relishing in the full moon. Our timing was perfect.

Another wonderful spring a must to adventure to is approximately an hour drive away just a few miles off HWY 50, out of Austin NV., known as Spencer's Hot Springs. Camping is encouraged, free and friendly, with beautiful views of the Sierra Nevadas. It gets crowded during the weekends, but is nearly desolate during the week. We spent 2 days relaxing in the large pool, and another smaller pool a few hundred feet below the main soak. There are several smaller pools that were too hot to sit, but beautiful none the less.

Again, this is high desert area, so be prepared against burning in the sun and the dry wind. And if you can, stay the night(s)... you'll be glad you did! There's an abundance of life out in this magnificent nature's paradise.

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Duckling enjoying a warm swimDiana's Punch Bowl

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