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Bus Adventures

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Bus Adventures - Festivals, Wild Crafting, Hot Springs, National Parks, and more...

Discover nature, wellness retreats, music and art festivals like no other. Get on the BUS!! A perfect way to spend your vacation time with family or friends, or meet new ones. No driving hassle, with a full itinerary planned for you, including meals. Or make your own, renting an entire bus for your custom trip. There's nearly any place we will travel.

Coming Up...

    GET ON THE BUS to 4th of JuPlaya!! July 1st thru 5th (Saturday-Wednesday)

A beautiful and memorable Sacred Paths custom trip to the Black Rock Desert in July 2017, for the 4th of JuPlaya.
Meet in Placerville, California, with an expectation for fun & adventure, for this is a trip that you will not want to miss...nor will you want to come home!

Discover the magical place of the Black Rock Desert, where Burning Man is held. We will adventure across the desert and experience an unforgettable landscape, hot springs, great food and friends. Many packages are be available to suit your 4th of July vacation plans.


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